Analysis, design and check of building services, low voltage installations of any type and water supply, sewer, gas and electricity networks.

CYPELEC Core (Free)

Design of low voltage electrical installations.
Available only in these languages: Castellano, Português, Català, Italiano

CYPETEL Wireless (Free)

CYPETEL Wireless is a free application for the design of wireless networks for indoor spaces by carrying out coverage analyses.

This application is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard.

Open BIM Lightning (Free)

BIM modelling of safety installations against lightning risks using lightning rods with early streamer emission (ESE).

Open BIM Suspended Ceilings (Free)

Architectural modelling of dropped ceilings.

Plugin Open BIM Revit (Free)

Installation of the complement to integrate Revit in the Open BIM workflow using IFC standard.

As a result of the Open BIM integration, projects can be stored and synchronised in the cloud via the

CYPETHERM Polytherm (Free)

Design of heating installations using POLYTHERM radiant floors.

This application is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using IFC standard.

CYPELEC Multiline

Draws the multi-line diagram of an electrical installation.

CYPELEC Switchboard

Design of distribution panels.

Open BIM Health and Safety

Design of the safety elements, protections, signs ... etc, that allow to represent the plans of the Safety and Health Project of building structures.

Available only in these languages: Castellano, Català

CYPEHVAC Schematics

Design of principle diagrams for HVAC system installations.

CYPEPLUMBING Schematic Diagrams

Design of schematic diagrams for water supply installations.

Open BIM Carpentry

Specification and BIM modelling of outdoor carpentry.

FDS - Fire dynamics simulator (FDS)

The Dynamic fire simulation module, implemented within the Fire (FDS) tab of CYPECAD MEP, is the result of an investigation project financed by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), and co financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Design of fire safety installations. Passive (compartmentation, propagation and evacuation methods) and active (safety installations) protection.