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CYPE Türkiye Comfort Design, Acoustic Control, and Fire Engineering

From design desks to actual applications we have lived through an experience of almost 25 years implying all the aspects of architecture and engineering in order to provide our customers with the best solutions and best budgets required for architectural, engineering, fire risk analysis & prevention, and acoustic works.

Thus our objective is to provide the building industry with architectural and engineering solutions such having an optimum price & performance ratio of materials and applications so as to reach safe and profitable environments for residential and commercial purposes. Our main criteria of design and application are; respect for nature to provide sustainability, minimizing human intervention to natural resources, keeping human values at the focus of all processes, satisfying up to date needs without compromising of the future ones to come and creating spaces which will keep up with their habitational performances to serve all through their lifespan.


CYPE 2020

CYPE #2020 is here! New version, New Features , New Modules!! Download and test it.

Box Culverts

#Box #culverts is a program developed for the #design and #analysis of #reinforced #concrete box culverts used for #underpasses, #subways, and #drainage works and much more . They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any type of polygon designed on screen, as well as being single cell or multiple cell elements. The program can also design culverts made up of various aligned prestressed elements by defining the joints or those to be executed on site.

BIM Server Center

We have just launched the #AR <> app! It allows you to browse through all the projects that you are developing #IFC files in and view them in #AugmentedReality. Download it for free: App Store:

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Analysis and design of reinforced concrete, steel, timber and aluminium structures, including the design and optimisation of sections.


Group of CYPE programs developed to carry out the thermal and energy analysis of buildings, and design their lighting, sound and fire extinguishing installations.

The applications that work with the 3D model of the building are integrated in the Open BIM workflow via the IFC4 standard.


Analysis, design and check of building services, low voltage installations of any type and water supply, sewer, gas and electricity networks.



    Product integration is achieved by carrying out an individualized analysis based on each manufacturer’s characteristics and their particular needs. Custom programming is provided so that the products are perfectly defined.


    The applications that integrate the products of each manufacturer can generate the three-dimensional model of each element, place it in its exact spatial position, and allow users to view its digitalized appearance within the building.


  • System compatible with all modeling software
  • Project lasts without the need for a local platform
  • Element arrangement assistance using specialized software
  • Multidisciplinary interactions
  • Aid in the choice of products to employ in projects


  • Access to real construction projects
  • Product usage monitoring
  • Project viewing on mobile devices (Documents and 3D Viewer)
  • Educational use in universities and training centers
  • Connection with public administrators using the system


How does protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

The privacy options that are currently available allow for different levels of privacy to be established in all the projects that are created, allowing for their visibility with regards to the rest of the users to be chosen. Access to the contents of each project is reserved only for users belonging to the work team.

Which design codes implemented in CYPE programs?

CYPE programs have a wide range of national and international codes available (like Eurocode, ANSI, AISC, ACI, EAE, CTE, EHE, DIN, BS, СНиП, etc.) which are applied to carry out the analysis, design and check of reinforced concrete, rolled steel, welded steel, cold-formed steel, composite, aluminium and timber structures for gravitational, wind, seismic and snow loads. Please contact us for more information.

What is the Acoustic Insulation Design capability in accordance with EN 12354 (ISO 15712)?

Acoustic insulation capability in accordance with EN 12354 (ISO 15712) is a module which has been implemented in the Acoustics tab of CYPECAD MEP. This module designs and verifies the acoustic insulation for airborne and impact noise of the habitable and protected precincts of the building, the sound immission caused by the equipment of the building, as well as the reverberation times and equivalent sound absorption areas in the relevant precincts, in accordance with the EN 12354 (ISO 15712) codes. Please contact us for other Building Acoustics Control solutions information.

Is there any free license CYPE programs?

Yes, we have couple free license CYPE programs. Most important two of them are IFC Builder and CYPETHERM LOADS. IFC Builder is creation and maintenance module of building IFC models. CYPETHERM LOADS is thermal load calculation module of buildings according to the Radiant Time Series Method (RTSM), proposed by ASHRAE, integrated in the Open BIM workflow. These applications are integrated in the Open BIM workflow via the IFC4 standard. Please contact us for other Free License Construction Engineering Software information.